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Vine primavara ! Vom sarbatorii Invierea Domnului Isus Hristos ! O poezie oferita de Danut Manastireanu care poate fi recitata in bisericile noastre. O poezie pastrata in Dosarul de Urmarire Informativa a lui Danut Manastireanu din arhiva Securitatii.

1. Seară feerică, plăpândă, cer albastru-purpuriu
Soare peste care-amurgul a pus palma grijuliu
Şi-a lăsat să se coboare peste seara de dureri
Iarăşi pâcla cenuşie şi tăcerea ca şi ieri.

2. În grădină peste care voalul noaptea şi-a lăsat
Iosif din Arimateia un mormânt nou a săpat
Şi-n mormânt în giulgiuri albe, zace corpul lui Isus
Fariseii pus-au straje şi peceţi pe groapă-au pus.

Citeste toata poezia Unde-i Domnul

„And on eight day God created Joel Osteen ” This made me happy! So Joel is right !:(

We should expect to live a better live on the earth than Jesus lived ? Listen what pastor Mark Driscoll is saying about it !

articole despre avorturi si alte subiecte asemanatoare

Imnul Golanilor

Posted: ianuarie 19, 2011 in politica
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„Mai bine „huligan” decat dictator”

Fenomenul Piata Universitatii 1990 a fost cel mai radical si moral discurs anticomunist al societatii civile dupa caderea dictaturii ceausiste in Romania. Cei care astazi au douazeci de ani nu isi mai amintesc nimic de atunci, asa cum nu isi mai amintesc nimic nici de revolutia din decembrie 1989. De aceea, textul care urmeaza se doreste a fi un remember. Dar nu unul romantic, ci unul punctual si, pe cat se poate, exact…

Extras dintr-un articol scris in 2003 in Revista 22 citeste mai mult despre Fenomenul Piata Universitatii 1990
Autorul „Imnului golanilor” a murit 😦

I receive an invitation trough face book message to go in Pakistan to preach the Gospel. I was encouraged to fast and pray about this.

Hello dear in Christ
today i send you these words after leading the Holy spirit,brother its God word you come and preach the word of God in millions, my wife pastor monica see a dearm a man of God always preach the word of God at our Tv programs, and in our crusades, brother our prayer team in fasting and in prayer for that man of God,and i send you invitation for His mighty works now your’s call for pakistan, God want save the pakistan, with your’s preaching,my request to you stay in fasting and aske holy spirit lead you,becase he want open the door for you in pakistan,here is our website just visit it then you know realy millions peoples need true Gospel from true man of God,
pastor shahzad from pakistan.

This is to much for me . I am not speaking english in a such level to be able to preach. Right now I am lucky that exist spealling check online. But I can publish something about Christians from Pakistan.
I have a 2011 Prayer Calendar from The Voice of Martyrs and there are some prayer request for Pakistan . There is an invitation to, to help Christians by writing a letter to Christians prisoners. There are two Asia Bibi and Imran Ghafur
I have found this music which I like it because is about Jesus and very emotional (for me at least)

Trezirea si Nationalismul

Posted: ianuarie 13, 2011 in trezire

Este biblica asocierea ideii de trezire la nivelul unei natiuni ? Ce se intampla in tarile in care crestinii sunt in minoritate sau/si persecutati ? O sa revin ! Deocamdata cum comentati cele doua mesaje video !

Citeste despre Trezirea Arad Romania

Read more about Nationalism definition
Idealul Trezirea Romaniei poate fi considerata un act de patriotism sau poate duce la nationalism ? Citeste despre diferenta dintre Nationalism si Patriotism Difference between nationalism and patriotism

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My (Daniel Lucescu) Scored as Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan
You are an evangelical in the Wesleyan tradition. You believe that God’s grace enables you to choose to believe in him, even though you yourself are totally depraved. The gift of the Holy Spirit gives you assurance of your salvation, and he also enables you to live the life of obedience to which God has called us. You are influenced heavly by John Wesley and the Methodists.
Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan
Reformed Evangelical
Neo orthodox
Classical Liberal
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Roman Catholic

Observation: I am influenced strong by Methodists even I do not know to many things about them. Should I do more to know better this beliefs ?