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Endorse political candidates – ethical dilemma
The pastor of an Albuquerque megachurch allowed Republican gubernatorial candidate Allen Weh to speak to the church and prayed for him in front of the congregation. Because Weh’s opponents weren’t invited to do the same, that’s an implicit endorsement – and it’s not appropriate.
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1. I am not a fun of libertarians but I like the idea. Some people are thinking even inside of a smaller box, inside the box of Democrats or Republicans only.

2. NO on 106 ! YOU decide not buying health care insurance, YOU don’t pay your hospital’s bills, WE have to decide to pay for YOU !

Some people are asking us to vote „NO” to all proposition !
You can read arguments „pro” and „against” all proposition Arizona 2010 november election visiting this site of Arizona Secretary of State Arizona 2010 Propositions Consistent conservative should vote YES on 106 and No on 302 and Democrats should vote NO on 106 and YES on 302 maybe some of them will get out of the box and will vote according to the better of Arizona economy