The Romanian National Day and 2010 Romanian Festival in Arizona

Posted: noiembrie 26, 2010 in Arizona, Phoenix
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In December 2010, two events will take place in Valley of the Sun where are living over 84000 Romanians.

1. We will celebrate The Romanian National Day on the 1st of December 2010.

Location : Embassy Suites ( Hilton )( Conference Room )

2577 W Greenway Road, Phoenix, AZ 85023

Wednesday, Time : 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm

Everyone is invited to come and to participate in the program.

Orthodox, Catholics, Baptists, Pentecostals, Adventists, Charismatic’s and all other affiliations. After all we all are ROMANIANS.

We will update this add daily

I’m looking forward to see you all

Host : Doru Levi Ilioi
in collaboration with the Honorary Consul General of Romania in Arizona,
Prof. Ileana Alexandra Orlich

For more information click HERE

2. The 2010 Romanian Festival

December 4, 2010, an all-day family oriented event starting at 10:00 am

Hosted by: Peoria High School, 11200 N. 83rd Avenue, Peoria, AZ 85345

Join us for a festival celebrating the rich Romanian culture here in the Valley of the Sun. The 2010 Romanian Festival is an event pre-financed by GO360 and is designed to celebrate the local Romanian community. Businesses will have the chance to showcase their products and services, and all proceeds from the festival will go to abandoned children in Romania. The festival will feature authentic Romanian cuisine, a vibrant live cultural show, inflatables for the kids, games, and a raffle grand prize.
Diplomatic Officials
The National Day of Romania is December 1st. Join us on December 4th to celebrate our unique heritage and the local Romanian community. Honorary Consul General of Romania of Arizona, Ileana Alexandra Orlich, will give the opening speech at the Romanian Festival 2010.

Business Expo
There’s no admission fee for the public and all the kids’ activities are free of charge as well. To make this event a success, we rely on the support from business sponsors. If you are interested in partnering with us, please visit the Business Expo page.

Live Cultural Show
This is a wonderful opportunity to come together and celebrate our Romanian heritage. Local talent will lead the way and delight us with their gifts, adding the icing on our celebration. If you are a Romanian performing artist willing to make yourself known, please send your Resume at office@azromaniancircle.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Romanian Cuisine
Local Romanian food vendors are working hard to make this event memorable. They are setting up the menus as we speak, and since this a special Romanian celebration the prices will be affordable to everyone.
Check back with us AZRomanianCircle for more details.
Contact Info. AZ Romanian Circle Peoria, Arizona, USA Tel: (623) 377 4188

  1. […] The Romanian National Day and 2010 Romanian Festival in Arizona Fri Nov 26, 2010 8:35 am In December 2010, two events will take place in Valley of the Sun where are living over 84000 Romanians. 1. We will celebrate The Romanian National Day on the 1st of December 2010. Location : Embassy Suites ( Hilton )( Conference Room ) 2577 W Greenway Road, Phoenix, AZ 85023 Wednesday, Time : 7:00 pm […] […]

  2. Comentariu primit prin e-mail

    To the entire original hearted Romanians.
    I found on the web the advertising regarding the Romanian National Day celebrated in Phoenix, Arizona in 2 places.

    One location is the Hilton Hotel (Embassy Suites) on the 1st December where Dl. Ilioi in collaboration with the Honorary Consul General of Romania in Arizona will host the event. This is the second year in a row.

    The second location is Peoria High School that try to copy this event. I think they should contact the other party and try to do the best out of the event. The party behind this event is a church CCV and one individ, Docomos that left a Romanian church and joined forces with a American, CCV Church

    Now I have to let out some inside secrets and tricks that the other party used to gather Romanians, and we as true Romanians have to know what’s behind their addenda.

    The Romanian Circle ( circus ) is a bunch of young Romanians that run out from the evangelical churches because they hate the Romanians, they hate the Romanian language, they call the Romanians Romos and also they bring a lot of infamous blame over the Romanian community.

    Some of them are coming from Happy Valley church and Elim Church the biggest Romanian Churches in the valley, they come from the other 2 smaller churches Maranatha Church and Emmanuel Church of God ( just chanced their name in Phoenix United Community Center ) and another is Romanian Baptist Church. Their parents are still there. The motive that they left is because in those churches the service is held in Romanian and they don’t understand (they don’t want understand)

    Our youths that decided to stay with us know this group and know the vocabulary and the insults that they use against the churches.

    Now all of sudden the young rebel group that hated Romanians, hated the Romanian language, hated our traditions and the way we try to fit in this country, got somehow together and want to celebrate the Romanian Day. Do they know our history ? Do the year 1918 ring a bell in their heads ? Did they heard about Maniu ? What about Albe Iulia ? This is not the Romanian Circle; it is a true Romanian Circus.

    I see that they invited big name officials like: the Honorary Consul General of Romania ( Orlich, a ASU professor ) and even a PD-L depute of Romania Lubanovich. I just wonder if these people know in what they get involved in? Anyway is their call.

    What’s behind the scene?

    This young group is part of a big American Church CCV that is located somewhere in the middle of the city. About 200 young Romanians attend that church at list once in a while. Why? Right out the auditorium doors is a coffee shop, and book store and more Romanians enjoy the outside facility then the program inside the church. The church is huge, about 12000 members and when you go there you have plenty of things to do that don’t have nothing to do with church, salvation or even manners. I’m not going to bash them (CCV) because they are clueless when comes to the smart mind of a Romanian rebel. When I was there last time all the Romanians ( at list part of them ) they were outside, some inside and during the service were surfing the internet, some are playing games. Who cares what’s going on at the pulpit?

    The church CCV support financially the event and the ugly think behind the close doors is that as a result of this Circus a lot more Romanians will leave our churches and go and join this group. We don’t need more young people rebels in this town, where the parents pray and cry in some church and they do whatever they wish under the umbrella that they are going to an American Church.

    In this city are 5 Romanian Pentecostal Churches and on Baptist,one Adventist and 3 Orthodox Churches.

    They claim that all our service are in Romanian, are boring, and throw all this kind of stuff over the churches and over their parents that raise them. Let me describe little bit the churches I’ve been to and it is impossible not to find a still that fit your needs.

    1. Happy Valley is a traditional church and they have some English sermons too. All welcome. Lately also you can stay together with your wife and kids. Some worship, choir and brass band. Pastor Cornel Avram.
    2. Maranatha is a ultra traditional church and have the most Romanian old style there. All welcome. I think in this church women’s are separated from man (separate pews) Choir and some brass band. Pastor Ioan Filip.
    3. Elim in a very contemporary church and also have English sermons and accept all of them. All Welcome, You can stay together with your wife and kids and friends. Worship, Choir and brass band. Pastor Petrica Lascau.
    4. Phoenix United (former Emmanuel) is a charismatic style and Sunday night is almost in English completely. All welcome, stay together with your wife and kids. Worship style only.

    Pastor Doru Levi Ilioi

    5. Living Water (come from Happy Valley) has a Calvinist spirit and views and also has sermons in English. All welcome, you can stay together with your wife and kids. Mainly worship and some Choir. Pastor Marinel Mesaros
    6. Philadelphia Church of God (Surprise) (come from Elim) is a nice group of people and also welcomes everyone and I don’t remember their praise style. Pastor Ioan Borcea
    7. First Baptist Church, a traditional Baptist church that welcomes everyone. They also separate the sisters from the brother in different pews. Choir and groups only. Pastor Octavian Dobos.
    8. The Adventist Church, a traditional Adventist views and they also welcome everyone. I’m not familiar with their praise style. Pastor Mares.
    9. St. Ioan Botezatorul, traditional orthodox church, with Romanian values, welcomes all. Preot Gheorghe Libotean
    10. Inaltarea Sfintei Cruci, traditional orthodox church, with Romanian values, welcome all. Preot Alin Munteanu.
    11. St. Parascheva Mission, traditional orthodox church, with Romanian values, welcomes all. Preot Vasile Parau

    Now please take a look of all the Romanian Churches and the praising style. Sorry, but we are not good enough for them? We’re not going to offer them coffee and hamburgers during the service. We’re not introducing in our churches a big screen TV for the super ball.

    We as Romanians have stile. When we go to church we dress with respect because we consider that we go in the house of the Lord.

    We can’t offer them short pants and flip flops.

    CCV Church has a strategy for all the nations and helps them financially to fulfill their goal but only in the parameters of their church, not outside.

    Please for your information, all of you who read this e-mail don’t take only from me, but contact every pastor and preot that I mention and if they claim otherwise, please disregard completely this e-mail and trash it.

    Again, a bunch of Romanians (non Romanians, how they claim) against the churches, against the Romanian language and traditions, try to celebrate the Romanian Day, and they throw a festival with CCV Church money. They invite Romos (us, which they hated till last month) and want us to buy all their stuff and wants to sent the money to a ghost charity fund uncontrollable by any Romanian, only by CCV their parent church and sponsor.

    Now in the end, do I want to stop this Circus? No I don’t, but I just want to stir your minds and if we claim that we are Romanians we have to be all together under one banner and to sacrifice for our nation, not for someone else or someone’s individual interest. I let you to decide.

    God Bless us all. Dumnezeu sa ne spovedeasca.

    The Guardian

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