Peniel camp USA Arizona 2010

Posted: martie 12, 2010 in e-mail-ate

Dear friend!
Living at the end of the last days it is a great honor that involves great responsibilities. The forces of evil are trying their best to deceive even “the elect”. Therefore, it is OUR responsibility to take “the full armor of God” and fight for our souls and for the souls of the lost ones.
If you want to know how to be more efficient in this spiritual war, I want to invite you to our “The Good Fight” Peniel camp in Arizona.
More details:
Where: Payson, Arizona at Tonto Rim Christian camp – (see this site for more details).
When: June, 20-25, 2010
Who’s preaching: Lucian Oniga (Bistrita), Doru Gurban (Phoenix), Iancsi Szasz (Kitchener, CA), Florinel Cimpean (Chicago), Avram Berghiano (Portland) and others.
Who will lead worship: Peniel band – AZ, Agape Worship Team – Portland and others.
The participation fee for the camp that includes housing, 3 meals a day, the preaching/teaching sessions and all the games and activities is only $250/person. You are expected to bring the bed sheets and sleeping bag!
Therefore, if you want to attend our Peniel camp in AZ, please register by sending an email to and by sending in advance the participation fee in the account no 457007350160 opened at Bank of America, AZ. The number of our campers is limited to 250, therefore, be among the first to register! We would appreciate very much if the above requests will be done by the leader that will join your group (one leader at max. 20 people).
When you come to the camp, please don’t forget to bring with you a Bible, a notebook, pens, flash light, proper camp (decent) clothes, bed sheets, sleeping bag, and a good will!
Other details regarding the rules and schedule can be found at / Peniel International Ministries following the link attached at the present message.
Please pray with us, so that God will bless the participants with an open heart, the preachers with heavenly anointing and the singers with an attitude of a true worshiper who worships God in the spirit and truth.
I’m looking forward to see God’s face again at Peniel camp! Don’t forget: we are on the winning side, therefore, plan to be there for more training!
Please partner with us by sending this message to all your friends in USA so that they might have the chance to enroll in His army, too! Thank you!
In the name of Peniel International Ministries team,
Lucian Oniga

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