Welcome 21’st century

Posted: martie 4, 2010 in e-mail-ate

Welcome to the 21st Century

Our communication – Wireless
Our phones – Cordless
Our cooking – Fireless
Our food – Fatless
Our Sweets – Sugarless
Our labor – Effortless
Our relations – Fruitless
Our attitude – Careless
Our feelings – Heartless
Our politics – Shameless
Our education – Worthless
Our Mistakes – Countless
Our arguments – Baseless
Our youth – Jobless
Our Ladies – Topless
Our Boss – Brainless
Our Jobs – Thankless
Our Needs – Endless
Our situation – Hopeless
Our Salaries – Less and less

  1. alexandru nadaban spune:

    nu, faine chestiile, dar triste.

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