Conferinta tineret la Biserica „Living Waters” in Phoenix

Posted: octombrie 15, 2009 in Stiri Arizona Evanghelica
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living water conference
Am primit prin e-mail acest apel lansat de Doru Gurban, Pastorul de tineret de la Living Waters

Dear friends,

I want to bring to your attention that this week, on 16-18 October, Living Waters Romanian Church in Glendale is organizing a
local youth conference with the theme „EQUIPED FOR BATTLE!”. The venue
is at our church, 16635 N 51st Ave, Glendale and the times will be as
follows: Friday at 7:00PM, Saturday at 6:00PM and Sunday morning at
10:00AM and evening at 5:30PM. Our guest speakers will be Leonard
Semenea and Travis Hunt and both will be speaking in english, except
sunday morning.

We would appreciate your help in spreading the news so that as many
people you have in your contact list will find out about this
conference. We strongly believe that our youth today is under strong
attack. The need to know who are we fighting against is vital. Be part
of our effort to prepare a generation that is EQUIPED FOR BATTLE!!!

Attached you have the program and the subjects that will be touched
during these 3 days. May God bless you as you strive to see this
generation saved for the Kingdom..

Love in Christ,
Youth Pastor LWRC

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