Goe Zhisheng, persecuted christian in China -Update

Posted: iunie 4, 2009 in persecutie
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Christian human rights attorney Gao Zhisheng, disappeared February 4, and was last seen being taken away by a dozen police officers. Gao Zhisheng has been repeatedly kidnapped, arrested, imprisoned and tortured by Chinese authorities, because he has defended the persecuted and has been an unyielding voice for justice in the Chinese courts.
ChinaAid together with Mr. Gao’s wife and children are deeply concerned about Mr. Gao, and reports from inside China indicate he is experiencing severe torture.

Your voice is vital to this international outcry
1. Sign the petition.
We will deliver a printed copy of all the signatures collected to the Chinese embassy. Add your voice, and encourage your friends to sign the petition, to make the Chinese government aware that the world is watching this situation and to call them to account for their inhumane treatment of Gao Zhisheng.


UPDATE ON DAY 225: Gao Zhisheng Alive, Condition and Whereabouts Still Unknown

Since mid-July, the petition for Gao Zhisheng has recorded over 110,000 signatures, calling for his release from the custody of the Chinese government. According to a contact, Press Secretary Baodong from the Chinese Embassy in Washington DC recently asserted that Gao Zhisheng was officially held on charges for attacking the Chinese government, and was released on parole in August. Inside resources with ChinaAid can confirm that Gao is alive, but his condition and whereabouts are still unknown


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